AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-31Merge upstream PKGBUILD changesAndy Kluger
2023-12-17version bumpAndy Kluger
2023-12-03version bump and rename kuserfeedback depAndy Kluger
2023-10-31match PKGBUILD updates from Arch repoAndy Kluger
2023-08-28version bumpAndy Kluger
2023-04-23Update patch and version bumpAndy Kluger
2023-04-02version bumpAndy Kluger
2023-02-04version bumpAndy Kluger
2023-01-05Match upstream PKGBUILD changes for 22.12.1-1Andy Kluger
2022-12-29Merge in upstream PKGBUILD changesAndy Kluger
2022-06-18Version bumpAndy Kluger
2021-12-10update to match base pkgbuildAndy Kluger
2021-11-08update version, and checksumAndy Kluger
2021-09-02merge in changes from Arch repoAndy Kluger
2021-07-11merge upstream changesAndy Kluger
2021-06-10update version, url, and checksumAndy Kluger
2021-05-14update version, url, and checksumAndy Kluger
2021-04-24update version, url, and checksumAndy Kluger
2021-03-09version bumpAndy Kluger
2021-02-07version bump and keys changeAndy Kluger
2021-01-07version bumpAndy Kluger
2020-12-10merge upstream changes, including dep kuserfeedbackAndy Kluger
2020-11-09version bumpAndy Kluger
2020-10-09version bumpAndy Kluger
2020-09-03version bump and dep addition: kactivitiesAndy Kluger
2020-08-15recreate meld patch based on newer dolphin releaseAndy Kluger
2020-08-15version bump and dep update (packagekit-qt5)Andy Kluger
2020-07-11version bumpAndy Kluger
2020-06-12version bump; merge updates from Arch dolphin PKGBUILDAndy Kluger
2020-05-15version bumpAndy Kluger
2020-04-24version bumpAndy Kluger
2020-03-05version bumpAndy Kluger
2020-02-07version bumpAndy Kluger
2020-01-10version bumpAndy Kluger
2019-12-12version bump and source url updateAndy Kluger
2019-11-07version bumpAndy Kluger
2019-10-10version bumpAndy Kluger
2019-09-06match current dolphin PKGBUILDAndy Kluger
2019-09-04match current dolphin PKGBUILDAndy Kluger
2019-07-18version bumpAndy Kluger
2019-06-07version bumpAndy Kluger
2019-05-14version bumpAndy Kluger
2019-04-22version bumpAndy Kluger
2019-03-08version bumpAndy Kluger
2019-02-08version bumpAndy Kluger
2019-01-10version bumpAndy Kluger
2018-12-15version bumpAndy Kluger
2018-11-09version bump; move on up from sed to patch; use meld icon; work on 3 files as...Andy Kluger
2018-10-11version bumpAndy Kluger
2018-09-09bump pkgrel and add phonon-qt5 depAndy Kluger