AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-18domjudge: new upstream release 7.0.2 and fix password generatingShane Chen
2019-05-11add config files into backup and generate passwords in post_installShane Chen
2019-05-10update SRCINFOShane Chen
2019-05-10domjudge: new upstream release 7.0.1Shane Chen
2019-05-01fix indent in PKGBUILDShane Chen
2019-05-01domjudge: new upstream release 7.0.0Shane Chen
2016-07-30domjudge: new upstream releaseAndrzej Giniewicz
2015-08-12First try at update, still needs some testingAndrzej Giniewicz
2015-07-07Initial importAndrzej Giniewicz