AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysUpdate to version 2022.2Arvid Norlander
2022-10-18Update to 2022.1.Arvid Norlander
2020-12-05Added patch for python 3.9raqua
2020-11-11Add jsoncpp to dependenciesraqua
2020-11-06Remove unused build optionsraqua
2020-11-06Fix .SRCINFOraqua
2020-11-06Updated to 2020.2raqua
2020-04-16minor fixDimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-15enable pythonDimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-10Update to 2020.1Dimitris Kiziridis
2019-11-28Forgot .SRCINFOThulinma
2019-11-28Updated to 4.10717. Removed support for openzwave and python since both will ...Thulinma
2018-01-11patch to fix boost 1.66 + cleanupsBuildTools
2017-09-03initial commitBuildTools
2017-02-07rename install script copied from betasaez0pub
2017-02-07adding libcurl-compat as dependency and loading old libcurl in service filesaez0pub
2016-11-26first commitsaez0pub