AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-232.2.2 releaseParker Reed
2020-01-082.2.0Parker Reed
2019-09-15Revert removing lib64 moveParker Reed
2019-09-152.1.1 - fluidsynth fails to load need to investigateParker Reed
2018-02-13Forgot to add myself as maintainer...Parker Reed
2018-02-132.0.3 updateParker Reed
2017-06-21Update for 2.0.1Parker Reed
2017-04-21Fix SRCINFOParker Reed
2017-04-21Updated for new releaseParker Reed
2016-10-27yet another commitPival81
2016-10-25yet another commitPival81
2016-09-05yet another commitPival81
2016-09-03yet another commitPival81