AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-27Move to the git repos.Pol Marcet Sardà
2019-09-21use the new hg repos, preparing transition to gitPol Marcet Sardà
2019-09-04Fix lib64 issue. Manual move no longuer needed.Pol Marcet Sardà
2019-07-28Update to 1.3Pol Marcet Sardà
2018-10-29.SRCINFOPol Marcet Sardà
2018-10-291.2 Release.Pol Marcet Sardà
2018-08-22and the .SRCINFOPol_M
2018-08-22forgot -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release.Pol_M
2018-08-20Fixed bug were translations did not appear.Pol_M
2018-07-31Changes from progandyPol_M
2018-07-31Changes from Eschwartz. (Licence, rm (make, gcc), epoch, url in https, quotin...Pol_M
2018-07-30fixes suggested by Lone_WolfPol_M
2018-07-30Fixed the bug that prevented the program from compilingPol_M
2018-06-16Changed revision back to 20180328Pol_M
2018-06-16It wasn't compiling in my machine. Hope this fixes itPol_M
2018-03-28More dependency changesPol_M
2018-03-28More dependency changesPol_M
2018-03-28Changing optional dependenciesPol_M
2018-03-28Patch. Missing libraries addedPol_M
2018-03-28trying to solve report from notuxiusPol_M
2018-03-24forgot to change version :)Pol_M
2018-03-24we've moved to the last commit. in the past, the latest version did not compilePol_M
2018-03-03Small Fix: changed to https repo. | Also, for the moment I've specified a wor...Pol_M
2018-02-26now it's ready :)Pol_M
2018-02-26I'm gonna change the repository to the official repository.Pol_M
2018-02-23url changePol
2018-02-22By Pol <>Reotip
2017-11-11Fixed SHA256SUM problem.Reotip Sakuraga
2017-11-11Nothing interesting.Reotip Sakuraga
2017-11-11Changed the server who hosts files to a new one. Updated sha256sum signatures.Reotip Sakuraga
2017-11-10Little changes. Preparing big update.Reotip Sakuraga
2015-12-29FixSean Baggaley
2015-12-28Update download checksumSean Baggaley
2015-12-28Update download URLSean Baggaley
2015-12-11Ugh. Forgot to update .SRCINFO.Sean Baggaley
2015-12-11Force rebuild (ABI or something.)Sean Baggaley
2015-09-28pkgbuild updateSean Baggaley
2015-09-15oopsSean Baggaley
2015-09-15double oopsSean Baggaley
2015-09-15oopsSean Baggaley
2015-09-15We dont need hgSean Baggaley
2015-09-15add to sourcesSean Baggaley
2015-09-15add maintainer comment to pkgbuildSean Baggaley
2015-09-15first versionSean Baggaley