AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-03Update to new version 4482.Marco
2022-07-30Updated to new version 4481.Marco
2022-06-14Updated to new version 4479.Marco
2022-05-30Updated to new version 4477.Marco
2022-05-25Removed patches as they are already applied and set new package release number.Marco
2022-05-25Updated src checksum and counted up package release number.Marco
2022-05-05Updated to new version 4475.Marco
2022-04-25Updated SRCINFO.Marco
2022-04-25Updated to new version 4474.Marco
2022-03-05Updated SRCINFO.Marco
2022-03-05Updated to new version 4473.Marco
2022-02-25Added package maintainer in header of PKGBUILD.Marco
2022-02-09Updated SRCINFO.Marco
2022-02-09Updated URL.Marco
2022-02-09Set arch var to 'x86_64'.Marco
2022-02-09Update to r4471Marco
2021-08-24Update to r4465Alexander Blinne
2021-05-23Bumped to r4454Alexander Blinne
2021-05-01Bumped to r4450Alexander Blinne
2021-04-01Bumped to r4444Alexander Blinne
2020-12-27Bumped to r4393Alexander Blinne
2020-11-14Bumped to r4392Alexander Blinne
2020-09-25Bumped to r4367Alexander Blinne
2020-07-05Bump to r4356Alexander Blinne
2020-06-09Version r4353Alexander Blinne
2020-06-01fix urlAlexander Blinne
2020-06-01Version bumpAlexander Blinne
2020-05-05Fixed some imperfectionsAlexander Blinne
2020-05-05Initial versionAlexander Blinne