AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysMake fluidsynth not optionalWouter Wijsman
7 daysAdd fluidsynth dependencyWouter Wijsman
2020-12-05Update to 0.76.0Wouter Wijsman
2020-10-27Upgrade to 0.75.2Wouter Wijsman
2020-09-12Fix epoch not being set anymoreWouter Wijsman
2020-08-20Update to version 0.75.1Wouter Wijsman
2020-05-07Force update from rc1Wouter Wijsman
2020-05-06Upgrade to 0.75.0 releaseWouter Wijsman
2020-04-22Update to rc1 versionWouter Wijsman
2020-03-16Correct version number and exclude irrelevant docsWouter Wijsman
2020-03-14version 0.75.0 pre-releaseWouter Wijsman