AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-26Add zlib-ng dependencyMalcolm Mallardi
2023-08-28Dependency should be 'libslirp', not 'slirp'. Moved this to depends instead o...Malcolm Mallardi
2023-07-28Add fluidsynth and munt as depends. Inbuilt ones are no longer being staticly...Malcolm Mallardi
2022-10-07Simplify prepare step, and clean up variable interpolation styling. PKGBUILD...Malcolm Mallardi
2022-10-02Reintroduce iir1 dependencyMalcolm Mallardi
2022-10-02Use meson to install most of the package treeMalcolm Mallardi
2022-10-02Remove libslirp, fluidsynth, munt and iir1 dependencies.Malcolm Mallardi
2022-09-20Remove ncurses as an optdepend, dosbox-staging devs confirmed that they've mo...Malcolm Mallardi
2022-09-16removed libibud makedepend.Malcolm Mallardi
2022-09-16Ensure dosbox-staging is linked against system librariesMalcolm Mallardi
2022-08-09libibus should be a makedependMalcolm Mallardi
2022-08-08Add libibus dependencyMalcolm Mallardi
2022-08-01Add iir1 dependencyMalcolm Mallardi
2022-03-30Ol' magamo must be having a bad day, and not remembering how to do this packa...Malcolm Mallardi
2022-03-30bump pkgrel versionMalcolm Mallardi
2022-03-30Add new resources to global directoryMalcolm Mallardi
2022-03-30Add libslirp to dependsMalcolm Mallardi
2022-02-15Remove static build request, git submodules, fluidsynth options and -Ofast flagMalcolm Mallardi
2021-11-08Add munt as a dependency, src build no longer links static muntMalcolm Mallardi
2021-08-30Update .SRCINFO and PKGBUILD with new maintainer informationMalcolm Mallardi
2021-08-30Pull in submodulesMalcolm Mallardi
2021-03-22Update .SRCINFOWouter Wijsman
2021-03-22Update PKGBUILD to use new meson build for dosbox-stagingMalcolm Mallardi
2021-01-12Update package and dependenciesWouter Wijsman
2020-05-06Removed v from package nameWouter Wijsman
2020-04-16Switch to new repo name and fix menu icon not showingWouter Wijsman
2020-03-16Initial versionWouter Wijsman