AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-07Split dotnet-sdk out to provide the correct version numberAttila Greguss
2019-10-07Fix versionsAttila Greguss
2019-10-05Reenable Aspnet RuntimeAttila Greguss
2019-10-05Disable Aspnet-Runtime because it prevents installing the other packages on a...Attila Greguss
2019-10-05Update Aspnet-Runtime supported architecturesAttila Greguss
2019-10-05Allow side-by-side runtime and sdk installsAttila Greguss
2019-10-04Updated shasum for dotnet.shAttila Greguss
2019-10-04Update PKGBUILD, Fix typoAttila Greguss
2019-10-03Add dotnet-runtime-bin back inAttila Greguss
2019-10-03Facctor to be architecture independentAttila Greguss
2019-10-02Fix minor typo in commented out part(to be enabled)Attila Greguss
2019-10-02Fix build for aarch64 architectureGr3q
2019-10-02Match change in SRCINFO and PKGBUILD from previous commitGr3q
2019-10-02Comment out dotnet-runtime-bin because it already existsGr3q
2019-10-02Initial commitGr3q