AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-14Fix versionGr3q
2023-11-14Update to version 8Gr3q
2023-10-25Update to 7.0.13Gr3q
2023-09-18Update to 7.0.11Gr3q
2023-09-05Update to 7.0.10Gr3q
2023-07-14Update to 7.0.9Gr3q
2023-06-13Update to 7.0.7Gr3q
2023-04-30Update to 7.0.5Attila Greguss
2023-03-17Update to 7.0.4Gr3q
2023-03-11Update to 7.0.3.sdk201Gr3q
2023-02-21Update to 7.0.3Gr3q
2023-01-13Update to 7.0.2Gr3q
2022-12-18update to 7.0.1Gr3q
2022-11-09Update to 7.0.0Gr3q
2022-10-14Update to 6.0.10Gr3q
2022-09-23Update to 6.0.9Gr3q
2022-08-10Update to 6.0.8Gr3q
2022-07-18Update to 6.0.7Gr3q
2022-06-18Update to 6.0.6Gr3q
2022-05-12Update to 6.0.5Gr3q
2022-04-15Update to 6.0.4Gr3q
2022-03-11Update to 6.0.3Gr3q
2022-02-09Update to 6.0.2Gr3q
2021-12-156.0.1-4 Add various fixes and dependencies from built packageGr3q
2021-12-15Update to 6.0.1Gr3q
2021-11-09Fix sdk not including all required foldersGr3q
2021-11-08Update Incorrect conflictsAttila Greguss
2021-11-08MergeAttila Greguss
2021-11-08Update to 6.0.0Attila Greguss
2021-10-15Update to 5.0.11Gr3q
2021-09-14Update to 5.0.10Gr3q
2021-08-15Update to 5.0.9Attila Greguss
2021-07-13Update to 5.0.8Gr3q
2021-06-14Update to 5.0.7Gr3q
2021-05-13Update to 3.0.6Attila Greguss
2021-04-20Make sure package can be used with packages with official reposAttila Greguss
2021-04-06Update to 5.0.5Attila Greguss
2021-03-11Update to 5.0.4Gr3q
2021-03-04Update to sdk
2021-02-13Update to 5.0.3Gr3q
2021-01-14Update .SRCINFO and PKGBUILD to 5.0.2Attila Greguss
2020-12-09Update to 5.0.1.sdk101Gr3q
2020-11-10Update to 5.0Gr3q
2020-10-14Update .SRCINFO and PKGBUILDGr3q
2020-09-11Fix arm supportGr3q
2020-09-09Fix wong package versionGr3q
2020-09-09Update .SRCINFO and PKGBUILD to 3.1.8Gr3q
2020-08-13Update to 3.1.7Gr3q
2020-08-04Change to splitting targeting packs as the community packagesGr3q
2020-07-15Update to 3.1.6Attila Greguss