AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-06Dont system systemd filesBrandon Milton
2017-04-03Fix PKGFILE error with systemd/userBrandon Milton
2017-04-03Update to version 1.12 and make user level systemdBrandon Milton
2017-02-19Copy systemd files automaticallyBrandon Milton
2017-02-19Up to 1.11Brandon Milton
2017-02-18Fix installation locationBrandon Milton
2017-02-18Update to 1.1Brandon Milton
2016-06-06upstream changeBrandon Milton
2016-06-06Update upstreamBrandon Milton
2016-06-06Update upstreamBrandon Milton
2016-06-06Upstream changesBrandon Milton
2016-06-05Upstream incBrandon Milton
2016-06-05Intiial 1.0 releaseBrandon Milton