AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 days[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2024.6.1D. Can Celasun
2024-02-11[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2024.1.2D. Can Celasun
2024-01-04[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2023.12.3D. Can Celasun
2023-11-22[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2023.11.2D. Can Celasun
2023-11-12[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2023.11.1D. Can Celasun
2023-11-08[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2023.10.0D. Can Celasun
2023-07-29[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2023.7.0D. Can Celasun
2023-07-08[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2023.6.1D. Can Celasun
2023-05-21[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2023.5.0D. Can Celasun
2023-05-03[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2023.4.0D. Can Celasun
2023-04-06[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2023.3.0D. Can Celasun
2023-01-03[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2022.12.0D. Can Celasun
2022-10-06[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2022.9.0D. Can Celasun
2022-08-18[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2022.8.0D. Can Celasun
2022-07-29[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2022.7.0D. Can Celasun
2022-07-13[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2022.6.0D. Can Celasun
2022-06-01[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2022.5.0D. Can Celasun
2022-05-03[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2022.4.1D. Can Celasun
2022-04-29[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2022.4.0D. Can Celasun
2022-04-22[downlords-faf-client] Update pkgdesc and urlD. Can Celasun
2022-04-22[downlords-faf-client] Fix pkgrelD. Can Celasun
2022-04-22[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2022.3.0D. Can Celasun
2022-03-08[downlords-faf-client] Add gtk3 dependencyD. Can Celasun
2021-12-30[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2021.12.0D. Can Celasun
2021-11-23[downlords-faf-client] Update to 2021.10.0D. Can Celasun
2021-06-28[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.4.7D. Can Celasun
2021-06-05[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.4.6D. Can Celasun
2021-05-23[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.4.4D. Can Celasun
2021-04-01[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.4.3D. Can Celasun
2021-03-07[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.4.2D. Can Celasun
2021-01-30[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.4.0D. Can Celasun
2020-12-27[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.3.0D. Can Celasun
2020-12-04[downlords-faf-client] Remove automatic pkgver functionD. Can Celasun
2020-11-16[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.2.3D. Can Celasun
2020-10-20[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.2.2D. Can Celasun
2020-10-08[downlords-faf-client] Depend on Oracle JDKD. Can Celasun
2020-09-28[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.2.1D. Can Celasun
2020-09-01[downlords-faf-client] Fix JVM versionD. Can Celasun
2020-09-01[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.2.0D. Can Celasun
2020-07-25[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.1.9D. Can Celasun
2020-06-29update to 1.1.8Martin Müllenhaupt
2020-05-29[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.1.7D. Can Celasun
2020-01-25[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.1.2D. Can Celasun
2019-12-20update to 1.1.1Martin Müllenhaupt
2019-12-01Merge subtree 'downlords-faf-client'D. Can Celasun
2019-12-01[downlords-faf-client] Update to 1.0.0D. Can Celasun
2019-09-09fix versionMartin Müllenhaupt
2019-07-09[downlords-faf-client] Update to 0.10.7D. Can Celasun
2019-05-27[downlords-faf-client] Update to 0.10.6D. Can Celasun
2019-04-02update to 0.9.4.betaMartin Müllenhaupt