AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-14dpkg: use git --describe for pkgverAlad Wenter
2017-09-11Revert "dpkg: fix emptydirs (again)"Alad Wenter
2017-09-10dpkg: fix emptydirs (again)Alad Wenter
2017-09-10dpkg: fix reclone, autoreconf, emptydirsAlad Wenter
2017-08-01dpkg: remove unused configure flagAlad Wenter
2017-08-01dpkg: update to 1.18.24Alad Wenter
2016-12-28update srcinfoAlad Wenter
2016-12-27disable testsAlad Wenter
2016-12-27Update to 1.18.18Alad Wenter
2016-09-16Change to git source (tag pkgver), make checkAlad Wenter
2016-09-04"valid keys"Alad Wenter
2016-09-04Remove configure flags, features enabled by dep installationAlad Wenter
2016-09-04Update to 1.8.10Alad Wenter
2016-07-17Update package version.Bert Peters
2016-07-17Update SRCINFO.Bert Peters
2016-07-17DPKG updated to upstream 1.18.9 from upstream.Bert Peters
2015-05-07updated dpkg to 1.17.25 from debianC. Dominik Bódi
2014-07-17DPKG updated to version 1.16.15Christopher Koch
2013-10-30Moved all AUR packages into 'aur' directory.Ido Rosen