AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysupgpkg: dprint 0.43.1-1Adrian Groh
2023-11-19upgpkg: dprint 0.43.0-1Adrian Groh
2023-10-29upgpkg: dprint 0.42.5-1Adrian Groh
2023-10-28upgpkg: dprint 0.42.3-1Adrian Groh
2023-10-27upgpkg: dprint-bin 0.42.2-1Adrian Groh
2023-09-12upgpkg: dprint 0.41.0-1Adrian Groh
2023-08-01upgpkg: dprint 0.40.2-1Adrian Groh
2023-07-31upgpkg: dprint 0.40.1-1Adrian Groh
2023-07-31upgpkg: dprint 0.40.0-1Adrian Groh
2023-07-08upgpkg: dprint 0.39.0-1Adrian Groh
2023-07-03upgpkg: dprint 0.38.3-1Adrian Groh
2023-07-03upgpkg: dprint 0.38.2-1Adrian Groh
2023-07-02upgpkg: dprint 0.38.1-1Adrian Groh
2023-07-02Update SRCINFOAdrian Groh
2023-07-02Specify provided binaryAdrian Groh
2023-07-02upgpkg: dprint 0.38.0-1Adrian Groh
2023-06-03upgpkg: dprint 0.37.1-1Adrian Groh
2023-05-14upgpkg: dprint 0.36.1-1Adrian Groh
2023-05-14Update maintainer infoAdrian Groh
2023-04-26update to 0.36.0Luis Martinez
2023-03-14update to 0.35.3Luis Martinez
2023-03-12update to 0.35.0Luis Martinez
2023-01-17update to 0.34.4Luis Martinez
2022-12-22update to 0.34.1Luis Martinez
2022-12-20update to 0.34.0Luis Martinez
2022-11-23update to 0.33.0Luis Martinez
2022-10-24update to 0.32.2Luis Martinez
2022-09-11update to 0.32.1Luis Martinez
2022-08-29update to 0.31.1Luis Martinez
2022-08-28update to 0.31.0Luis Martinez
2022-07-05update to 0.30.3Luis Martinez
2022-07-02update to 0.30.2Luis Martinez
2022-07-01update to 0.30.0Luis Martinez
2022-05-22update to 0.29.1Luis Martinez
2022-05-12update to 0.28.0Luis Martinez
2022-04-30update to 0.27.1Luis Martinez
2022-04-29update to 0.27.0Luis Martinez
2022-04-20update to 0.26.0Luis Martinez
2022-04-17update to 0.25.1Luis Martinez
2022-04-08update to 0.24.4Luis Martinez
2022-04-01update to 0.24.3Luis Martinez
2022-03-31update to 0.24.2Luis Martinez
2022-03-28update to 0.24.1Luis Martinez
2022-03-14update to 0.23.1Luis Martinez
2022-02-25update to 0.23.0Luis Martinez
2022-02-12update to 0.22.2Luis Martinez
2022-02-01update to 0.22.0Luis Martinez
2022-01-26update to 0.21.2Luis Martinez
2021-12-20update to 0.19.2Luis Martinez
2021-12-05update to 0.19.1Luis Martinez