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2022-10-27R4 - Add patch for python-pyxdg compatibilityMike Javorski
Debian includes a compatibility layer in their python3-xdg package, but given the usage in dput, it did not warrant packaging a conflicting python-xdg, or trying to get the python-pyxdg maintainers to add the same compatibility.
2022-10-12Alter dependency used on dput startup to look for correct xdg distributionMike Javorski
Debian overrides the name of the pyxdg distribution and dput assumes this naming; Arch does not.
2022-09-30Add python-pyxdg dependency required as of 1.1.1Mike Javorski
2022-09-19Update to latest release 1.1.2Mike Javorski
2021-10-20Update to latest release 1.1.0Mike Javorski
2019-03-07Update to latest release 1.0.3Mike Javorski
2018-10-27Rewrite for version 1.0.2Mike Javorski
2018-10-27Update maintainer informationMike Javorski
2015-06-09moved from aur3Jan Dolinar