AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-23Add me as packager in pkgbuildurawotlol
2022-05-23Update version to 9.21.1cas
2022-01-13pass namcap, add i686Brian Bidulock
2022-01-14Updated to 9.20.0urawotlol
2022-01-10Updated SRC InfoFlop
2022-01-10Updated package version and package source URL'sFlop
2021-02-19srcinfoManhong Dai
2021-02-199.16.0, --without-manualManhong Dai
2019-11-169.11.0Jonathan Steel
2019-07-229.10.0Jonathan Steel
2019-03-27Move from [community] to AUR in connection with the spring cleaningAlexander F. Rødseth