AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-11🛠 build: prevent fatal error in future cmake versionpathetic_lynx
2022-12-06🛠 build: use cxx14 to compilepathetic_lynx
2019-07-15Fix compile issue from deprecated functionsFredrik Strandin
2017-01-23Update to 1.15.1Fredrik Strandin
2016-04-18Fix dependency on qt5-toolsFredrik Strandin
2016-04-13Fix dependenies on Qt5 and poppler-qt5Fredrik Strandin
2016-04-12Forgot to mksrcinfoFredrik Strandin
2016-04-10Update to 1.15-1Fredrik Strandin
2015-12-02Update to 1.14-1Fredrik Strandin
2015-08-07Update to 1.13.1-1Fredrik Strandin
2015-07-30Update to 1.13-1Fredrik Strandin
2015-07-30Update to 1.12-1Fredrik Strandin
2015-02-16Initial commitFredrik Strandin