AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-08version: bump to 0.7.9Gaoyang Zhang
2022-04-19fix: `check()` function did not invoke `cargo test` properlyGaoyang Zhang
2022-04-15version: bump to 0.7.8Gaoyang Zhang
2022-04-10chore: update pkgdesc as per AUR user's requestGaoyang Zhang
2022-04-05version: bump to 0.7.7Gaoyang Zhang
2022-03-27version: bump to 0.7.6Gaoyang Zhang
2022-03-16chore(deps): remove rustup from makedependsGaoyang Zhang
2022-03-16version: bump to 0.7.5Gaoyang Zhang
2022-03-06version: bump to 0.7.4Gaoyang Zhang
2022-02-24version: bump to 0.7.3Gaoyang Zhang
2022-02-14version: bump to 0.7.2Gaoyang Zhang
2022-02-04version: bump to v0.7.1Gaoyang Zhang
2022-01-25version: bump to 0.7.0Gaoyang Zhang
2022-01-15version: bump to 0.6.3Gaoyang Zhang
2022-01-15version: bump to 0.6.2Gaoyang Zhang
2022-01-05chore: update .SRCINFOGaoyang Zhang
2022-01-05version: bump to 0.6.1Gaoyang Zhang
2022-01-01chore: fix make depends for cargo to rustupGaoyang Zhang
2021-12-26version: bump to 0.6.0Gaoyang Zhang
2021-12-16version: bump to 0.5.2Gaoyang Zhang
2021-12-08chore: update .SRCINFOGaoyang Zhang
2021-12-08chore: update package urlGaoyang Zhang
2021-12-06version: bump to 0.5.1Gaoyang Zhang
2021-11-26version: bump to 0.5.0Gaoyang Zhang
2021-11-16perf: remove download links for LICENSEsGaoyang Zhang
2021-11-16version: bump to 0.4.0Gaoyang Zhang
2021-11-11build: use latest stable rust toolchainGaoyang Zhang
2021-11-06version: bump to 0.3.1Gaoyang Zhang
2021-11-06chore: untrack LICENSE-* in .gitignoreGaoyang Zhang
2021-11-01test: run `check()` in release modeGaoyang Zhang
2021-10-27fix: checksum was not update to v0.3.0Gaoyang Zhang
2021-10-27version: bump to 0.3.0Gaoyang Zhang
2021-10-24Revert "chore: also run tests in doc"Gaoyang Zhang
2021-10-24chore: also run tests in docGaoyang Zhang
2021-10-23chore: only run tests on necessary parts of the codeGaoyang Zhang
2021-10-17version: bump to 0.2.1Gaoyang Zhang
2021-10-15fix: updated LICENSE pathGaoyang Zhang
2021-10-07Remove template message on the top of PKGBUILDGaoyang Zhang
2021-10-07Fix dependenciesGaoyang Zhang
2021-10-07Fix conflicting packagesGaoyang Zhang
2021-10-07Add .gitignoreGaoyang Zhang
2021-10-07Add PKGBUILD and .SRCINFO for v0.1.0-1Gaoyang Zhang