AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-094.3.1 releasefuan_k
2022-07-04Update to 4.3.0fuan_k
2022-03-29Add new dependenciesfuan_k
2022-03-27Update to 4.2.1fuan_k
2022-03-09Update to 4.2.0fuan_k
2021-12-21Add back send2trash to dependenciesfuan_k
2021-12-20Work around polib updatefuan_k
2021-03-24Update to 4.1.1fuan_k
2021-01-30Use Arch packages instead of relying on pypifuan_k
2021-01-30Update source back to upstreamfuan_k
2020-12-10Remove deps handled by pipfuan_k
2020-12-10Update to 4.1.0fuan_k
2020-12-06Make icon path discoverablefuan_k
2020-12-02Update architecture from any to x86_64fuan_k
2020-06-05fix hsaudiotag3k version matching for post-releasefuan_k
2019-07-10Upgrade to 4.0.4, removed previous workaround that was merged upstreamfuan_k
2018-12-07Fetch hsaudiotag3k with pip instead of AURfuan_k
2018-11-12Run only one sed processfuan_k
2018-11-12Temporary fix for python3.7 handling of old syntax during buildfuan_k
2018-05-15copy help and locale files in build folderdangoldbj
2018-05-15change pkgrel numdangoldbj
2018-05-15change source urldangoldbj
2016-12-10Resolve minor issuesdangoldbj
2016-12-09Fixed md5sum issuedangoldbj
2016-12-09Fixed minor issuesdangoldbj
2016-12-04Update to 4.0.3 versiondangoldbj
2016-10-25manage conflictsBijaya Dangol
2016-10-25update to 4.0.2, this make other se,me, and pe obsoleteBijaya Dangol
2015-06-08Initial commitVirgil Dupras