AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-05upgpkg: duperemove-git 0.14.1.r20.ga53e8c5-1Frederik Schwan
2020-05-17review by anthraxxFrederik Schwan
2020-04-28review with Alad WenterFrederik Schwan
2020-04-26migrate to b2sumsFrederik Schwan
2020-02-22replace maintainer e-mail address for an archlinux specific oneFrederik Schwan
2019-11-06duperemove-git: PKGBUILD review by svenstarofrederik
2015-09-14replace arch=any with explicit architecturesfrederik
2015-08-19change package section to take account of current upstram changesfrederik
2015-06-09Initial commit: move from aur to aur4frederik