AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysUpdated to v2.0.5.104.Joey Dumont
2020-02-20Updated to v2.0.5.103.Joey Dumont
2020-01-30Fix of typo in duplicati.installMateusz Galazyn
2020-01-29New install script.Joey Dumont
2020-01-26Updated to v2.0.5.101.Joey Dumont
2020-01-18Updated to v2.0.5.100.Joey Dumont
2019-12-30Updated to v2.0.4.38.Joey Dumont
2019-12-12Updated to v2.0.4.37.Joey Dumont
2019-12-08Updated to v2.0.4.36.Joey Dumont
2019-12-01Updated to v2.0.4.35.Joey Dumont
2019-11-09Updated to v2.0.4.34.Joey Dumont
2019-11-02Updated to Dumont
2019-10-27Updated to Dumont
2019-10-22Updated to Dumont
2019-09-23Updated to v2.0.4.30.Joey Dumont
2019-09-06Updated to v2.0.4.28.Joey Dumont
2019-08-28Added notify-sharp optional dependency.Joey Dumont
2019-07-14Reverted back to Dumont
2019-07-14Updated to Dumont
2019-06-30Updated to Dumont
2019-06-30Updated to Dumont
2019-06-17Updated to v2Joey Dumont
2019-05-13Updated to Dumont
2019-04-13Updated to v2.0.4.17.Joey Dumont
2019-03-29Updated to v2.0.4.16.Joey Dumont
2019-02-06Updated to v2.0.4.15.Joey Dumont
2019-01-30Updated to v2.0.4.14.Joey Dumont
2019-01-22Should be fixed.Joey Dumont
2019-01-20Updated to v2.0.2.14.Joey Dumont
2019-01-03Updated to Dumont
2018-12-22Updated to v2.0.4.9.Joey Dumont
2018-12-12updated to v2.0.4.6.Joey Dumont
2018-11-28Updated to v2.0.4.5 beta.Joey Dumont
2018-11-14Updated to v2.0.4.4.Joey Dumont
2018-11-10Fixed bad checksumJoey Dumont
2018-11-09Updated to v2.0.3.14.Joey Dumont
2018-11-03Fixed the SRCINFO.Joey Dumont
2018-11-03Should be fixed now.Joey Dumont
2018-09-05Updated to v2.0.3.11.Joey Dumont
2018-08-31Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Dumont
2018-08-31Updated to Dumont
2018-07-03Updated to Dumont
2018-06-29Updated to v2.0.3.8.Joey Dumont
2018-06-18Updated to v2.0.3.7.Joey Dumont
2018-06-18Updated to v2.0.3.7.Joey Dumont
2018-04-23updated to v2.0.3.6.Joey Dumont
2018-04-15Fixed bad checksumsJoey Dumont
2018-04-14Added SRCINFO.Joey Dumont
2018-04-14Upgraded to, changed case in SKIP_UPDATE env variable.Joey Dumont
2018-04-02Updated to v2.0.3.4.Joey Dumont