AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-13use master patch & enable cache with gplVoodaGod
2023-05-30Patch version 2.2-2Andrius Lukosevicius
2023-05-20Update to patch version 2.2-1Andrius Lukosevicius
2023-04-12Update to new patch version.Andrius Lukosevicius
2023-03-07Switch to updated async patch by Ph42oNAndrius Lukosevicius
2022-11-26Upstream removed setup script, so ship our own copy.Andrius Lukosevicius
2022-11-13Update version number to stop people getting confused.Andrius Lukosevicius
2022-10-22Fix git submodules after recent git update.Andrius Lukosevicius
2022-10-19Fix and rename environment.d file.Andrius Lukosevicius
2022-09-26Update .SRCINFOAndrius Lukosevicius
2022-09-01Remove enable_tests variable.Andrius Lukosevicius
2022-08-29added submodulesAndrius Lukosevicius