AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-08Updated e-deklaracje to version 11.0.1Proxy
2018-11-18Updated e-deklaracje to version 10.0.6Proxy
2018-07-07Updated e-deklaracje to version 10.0.4Proxy
2018-06-14Updated e-deklaracje to version 10.0.3Proxy
2018-03-11Updated e-deklaracje to version 10.0.1Proxy
2018-01-06Updated PKGBUILD with a new source naming conventionProxy
2018-01-06Updated s256sumsProxy
2018-01-03Updated to 10.0.0Proxy
2017-11-02Updated to 9.0.6Proxy
2017-06-30Updated source and replaced md5sum with sha256Proxy
2017-03-24Updated to 9.0.5Proxy
2017-02-17Updated to 9.0.4Proxy
2017-02-14Updated to 9.0.3Proxy
2017-02-11Updated to 9.0.2Proxy
2017-02-11Updated to 9.0.2Proxy
2017-01-19Updated to 9.0.1Proxy
2017-01-08Updated md5sumsProxy
2017-01-08Updated md5sumsProxy
2017-01-08Updated to 9.0.0Proxy
2016-10-21Updated to 8.0.9Łukasz Kszonowski
2016-03-08Updated .SRCINFO for version 8.0.7Łukasz Kszonowski
2016-03-08Updated for version 8.0.7Łukasz Kszonowski
2016-02-09Update to 8.0.6Proxy
2016-01-30Initial importProxy