AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-27Update to v1.0.10-1Milan Stastny
2021-04-27Fix v1.0.10Milan Stastny
2021-04-27Update to v1.0.10Milan Stastny
2021-04-17Bump to v1.0.9mistastn
2021-04-16Add cleanup after the buildmistastn
2021-04-16Bump to v1.0.8mistastn
2021-04-13Update to v1.0.7Milan Stastny
2021-04-13Remove the stable flagMilan Stastny
2021-04-12Update to 1.0.6Milan Stastny
2021-04-12Update to 1.0.5Milan Stastny
2021-04-12Update to 1.0.4Milan Stastny
2021-04-07Update to 1.0.3Milan Stastny
2021-04-07Update to 1.0.2Milan Stastny
2021-04-06Update shaMilan Stastny
2021-04-06Bump to 1.0.1Milan Stastny
2021-04-05Initial package versionMilan Stastny