AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-15PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 2.51.2.David Runge
2019-04-30PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 2.51.1. Minor cleanups. Removing java-commons-collecti...David Runge
2017-10-24PKGBUILD: Updating to https download. Fixing field quotes. Improving usage of...David Runge
2017-10-17PKGBUILD: Wrapping lines for better readability. Switching to sha512sums.David Runge
2015-12-30.SRCINFO PKGBUILD: Updating to version 2.50.7. Fixed some errors related to r...David Runge
2015-10-09PKGBUILD: Updated to version 2.50.4. .SRCINFO: Updated to version 2.50.4.David Runge
2015-08-04PKGBUILD, .SRCINFO: Updating maintainer information.David Runge
2015-07-30PKGBUILD,.SRCINFO: Updating dependencies. VLC is a runtime dependency. Java-e...David Runge
2015-07-30PKGBUILD,.SRCINFO,manifest.txt: Adding three available dependencies (java-com...David Runge
2015-07-20PKGBUILD, easytranscript, easytranscript.desktop, .SRCINFO: First upload of e...David Runge