AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-18update to 6.0.0 #2Raimar Bühmann
2017-09-06update to 5.0.0 #5Raimar Bühmann
2017-01-11update to 4.0.0-4 after mylyn moved into eclipse-commonRaimar Bühmann
2016-11-24update to 4.0.0 #6 with pkgrel=3Raimar Bühmann
2016-11-24update to 4.0.0 #6Raimar Bühmann
2016-11-16use explicit build number 5 instead of last stable buildRaimar Bühmann
2016-11-16update to 4.0.0Raimar Bühmann
2016-02-19update to 3.1.0-3 for build #27Raimar Bühmann
2016-01-27fix sha256sumRaimar Bühmann
2016-01-27change from share to lib folderRaimar Bühmann
2016-01-27update to 3.1.0Raimar Bühmann
2015-06-08initial importRaimar Bühmann