AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-23Updated to 4.13Eduardo Pedroni
2019-07-31Fix conflicts arrayEduardo Pedroni
2019-06-25Updated to 4.12Eduardo Pedroni
2019-03-23Updated to 2019-03Eduardo Pedroni
2018-12-27Updated to 2018-12, removed i686 support (32-bit binary is no longer availabl...Eduardo Pedroni
2018-09-30Updated to 4.9Eduardo Pedroni
2018-07-01Fixed version number in eclipse.desktopEduardo Pedroni
2018-06-29Updated to 4.8 (Photon)Eduardo Pedroni
2018-04-12Updated to 4.7.3aEduardo Pedroni
2018-03-22Updated to 4.7.3Eduardo Pedroni
2017-12-21Updated to 4.7.2Eduardo Pedroni
2017-10-16Updated to 4.7.1aEduardo Pedroni
2017-10-04Updated to 4.7.1Eduardo Pedroni
2017-07-03Removed manual GNOME icon cache update as suggested in the comments, however ...Eduardo Pedroni
2017-06-30Updated to Oxygen 4.7Eduardo Pedroni
2017-03-23Updated to 4.6.3Eduardo Pedroni
2017-02-25Fixed webkit2gtk dependencyEduardo Pedroni
2017-02-10Changed install directory to match other packages, updated libwebkit dependen...Eduardo Pedroni
2016-12-28Updated to neon.2Eduardo Pedroni
2016-09-29Updated to Neon 4.6.1Eduardo Pedroni
2016-06-25Updated PKGBUILD to deal with icons in a smarter way, removed old GDK_NATIVE_...Eduardo Pedroni
2016-06-24Updated to Neon 4.6Eduardo Pedroni
2016-03-16Updated to Mars 4.5.2, updated .SRCINFOEduardo Pedroni
2016-03-16Updated to Mars 4.5.2Eduardo Pedroni
2015-11-07Added .SRCINFOEduardo Pedroni
2015-11-07Updated to Mars 4.5.1Eduardo Pedroni
2015-07-21Update to Eclipse Mars (4.5)Eduardo Pedroni
2015-06-11Initial importEduardo Pedroni