AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-21use release 2.0.3-1 from Eclipse with build #18Raimar Bühmann
2020-10-08use release 2.0.2-2 from Eclipse with build #15Raimar Bühmann
2018-08-18use release 2.0.2 from EclipseRaimar Bühmann
2018-02-03use release 2.0.1 from EclipseRaimar Bühmann
2017-11-08use release 2.0.0 from EclipseRaimar Bühmann
2015-10-07depends on eclipse>=4.5.0 after renamed dropins folderRaimar Bühmann
2015-08-01Rename package to eclipse-texlipse according to guidelinesDavi da Silva Böger
2015-08-01Initial commit (copied from texlipse 1.5.0-6)Davi da Silva Böger