AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-12Update maintainers emailDmitry Kharitonov
2020-02-220.1.12: updated deps and makedepsDmitry Kharitonov
2018-07-25Removed the unneeded requirements.txt patchDmitry Kharitonov
2017-12-26RebuildDmitry Kharitonov
2016-03-31Removed redundant git clone from pkgver(), which broke building with some AUR...Dmitry Kharitonov
2016-03-29Revert deleting patch, it seems we still need itDmitry Kharitonov
2016-03-29Revert "Removing probably obsolete patch to requirements list"Dmitry Kharitonov
2016-03-26Removing probably obsolete patch to requirements listDmitry Kharitonov
2016-03-04Fixed building by modifying PKGBUILD in accordance to pacman modificationsDmitry Kharitonov
2016-01-28Changed pandoc-bin makedependency to pandoc, reflecting addition of this pack...Dmitry Kharitonov
2015-10-12Patching requirements.txt to fix python-html5lib 0.99/1.0bx version mess. To ...Dmitry Kharitonov
2015-07-10Fix edx-downloader symlinkDmitry Kharitonov
2015-07-10pandoc-bin goes to makedepends tooDmitry Kharitonov
2015-07-10Fix license; add /usr/bin/edx-downloader symlink for backward compatibilityDmitry Kharitonov
2015-07-10Update maintainer/contributor infoDmitry Kharitonov
2015-07-10Initial importDmitry Kharitonov