AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-22ADDED: added efl-git to the provides list, to fix compatibility with enlighte...Eden Rose
2020-10-22MODIFIED: cleaned up ordering of building.Eden Rose
2020-10-21MODIFIED: disabled tslib(cannot be enabled when framebuffer[fbcon] is enabled...Eden Rose
2020-10-21ADDED: Added prepare(), corrects engine_gl_drm to gl_deps in ecore_evas drm e...Eden Rose
2020-10-21DEPENDS: Added libxpresent to makedepends, removed ccache from makedependsEden Rose
2020-10-21BUG2: Fixed typo in build ()Eden Rose
2020-10-21BUG: Fixed typo in build ()Eden Rose
2020-10-21Initial: Needs work, depends and looots of testing!Eden Rose