AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-19Add optional dependency on disig-web-signerFedor Piecka
2021-08-05Upgrade to 3.7Fedor Piecka
2021-06-03Version bump to upstream 3.6.0Fedor Piecka
2020-07-03Get new upstream version 3.4.0 - finally with Qt5git status!Fedor Piecka
2020-07-03Add .gitignoreFedor Piecka
2020-07-03Show nicer command to enable pcscFedor Piecka
2019-09-20Version bump to upstream 3.2.0.Juraj Hrubša
2019-06-04Version bump to upstream 3.2.0.Juraj Hrubša
2019-03-27Included install script which notifies the user to enable pcscd.Fedor Piecka
2019-03-10Upgrade to upstream version 3.0.3Fedor Piecka
2019-03-04Bumped version numberFedor Piecka
2019-03-04Update to 3.0.2 of upstream application.\nRemoved dependencies which aren't n...Fedor Piecka
2018-11-22Updated .SRCINFOFedor Piecka
2018-11-22Updated to upstream version 3.0.0.Fedor Piecka
2018-08-26New version of the upstream app - 2.0.2Fedor Piecka
2017-07-07Bumped pkgrel to force package DB update. Sorry, my first AUR package:(.Fedor Piecka
2017-07-07Added comments.Fedor Piecka
2017-07-07First commitFedor Piecka