AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-04Fix non-resolving conflict variableAsa Venton
2021-03-04pkgupgAsa Venton
2021-01-27Update sha256sum after forgetting on last commitAsa Venton
2021-01-27New release 2.4.1Asa Venton
2021-01-18Remove unnecessary boost dependencies. Bump pkgrel.Asa Venton
2021-01-13Move qt5-script from makedepends to eiskaltdcpp-qt depends to satisfy runtime...Asa Venton
2021-01-13v2.4.0 - Build with GTK3 instead of GTK2 and Qt5 instead of Qt4. Remove unnce...Asa Venton
2018-03-02Turn off local boost libraries; change maintainerkaptoxic
2017-09-20Add openssl-1.0 depkaptoxic
2017-09-17Fix the build functionkaptoxic
2015-09-26v2.2.10-2: add makedependsEugene Petrov
2015-06-09v2.2.10Eugene Petrov