AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-14Version 5.0.1Martino Pilia
2020-09-19Fix path in build() functionMartino Pilia
2019-10-28Version 5.0.0Martino Pilia
2018-09-11fix OpenMP disabled by mistakeMartino Pilia
2018-08-11fixes in the build configMartino Pilia
2018-07-25enable additional pixel types for 2D and 4D imagesMartino Pilia
2018-07-08build shared libs, config for SuperElastixm-pilia
2018-03-26version 4.9.0Martino Pilia
2018-03-17add missing dependency "ann"Martino Pilia
2018-02-03fix silly mistakes in the PKGBUILDMartino Pilia
2018-01-22package submissionMartino Pilia