AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-30pull in fixes: fix compilation warningsPlaton Pronko
2023-01-29pull in fixes: fix memory leak, fix warnings on electricsheep-preferences sta...Platon Pronko
2023-01-28update code to fix compilation errors due to libboost updatePlaton Pronko
2022-07-20add wxwidgets-gtk3 to dependencies (instead of wxwidgets-common)Platon Pronko
2022-07-17replace wxgtk2 dependency with wxwidgets-commonPlaton Pronko
2022-07-17add gitignorePlaton Pronko
2022-05-07add pkgrel to download filenamePlaton Pronko
2022-05-02move tinyxml to dependsPlaton Pronko
2022-05-01remove unused patchesPlaton Pronko
2022-05-01temporarily switch to Rogach/electricsheep repo, to allow building with ffmpeg5Platon Pronko
2022-05-01build using ffmpeg4.4Platon Pronko
2019-04-27fix glext compilation issueRogach
2018-06-11upgpkg: electricsheep 3.0.2-2 (fix pthread linking)anthraxx
2018-06-06upgpkg: electricsheep 3.0.2-1anthraxx
2017-12-26Moved from [community] due to unmaintained upstream and dependency on glee.David Runge