AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-22Adding .SRCINFOCaleb Maclennan
2023-06-22DisownCaleb Maclennan
2023-05-23Update maintainer info in comment headerCaleb Maclennan
2023-03-03FFmpeg 6 rebuildAntonio Rojas
2023-02-12FreeType 2.13 rebuild (FS#77459)Evangelos Foutras
2023-01-15Drop last few remaining 'debug' options from trunkEvangelos Foutras
2023-01-09FS#77049 produce debug packagesBruno Pagani
2023-01-07Backport electron PKGBUILD changesBruno Pagani
2022-12-06Update to 19.1.9Antonio Rojas
2022-12-06re2 20221201 rebuildEvangelos Foutras
2022-11-03Update to 19.1.4Antonio Rojas
2022-10-21icu 72.1 rebuildFelix Yan
2022-09-13rebuild with flac 1.4.0Felix Yan
2022-08-21FS#74034 as wellBruno Pagani
2022-08-03Versionned electron 19.x packageBruno Pagani