AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-04update pkgver to 20190703, change make_locale to pull_localeLuis Aranguren
2019-06-18update pkgver to 20190604, added optdepends python-ckcc-protocol for Coldcard...Luis Aranguren
2019-06-05update pkgver to 20190604, changed dependency from python-aiorpcx to python-a...Luis Aranguren
2019-05-16changed AUR/python-aiohttp_socks to community/python-aiohttp-socksLuis Aranguren
2019-05-15update pkgver to 20190514, restricted python-aiorpcx dependency versionLuis Aranguren
2019-05-10Revert "update pkgver to 20190509" until python-aiorpcx is updated from 0.16.1Luis Aranguren
2019-05-10update pkgver to 20190509Luis Aranguren
2019-04-04update pkgver to 20190327Luis Aranguren
2019-02-06update pkgrel to 2, removal undocumented subroutines https://bugs.archlinux.o...Luis Aranguren
2019-02-06update pkgver to 20190205, fix for Aranguren
2019-01-04update pkgrel to 2, fixed typo, added license and docs, depends+=python-aiorp...Luis Aranguren
2019-01-02update pkgver to 20190101, depends+=python-certifiLuis Aranguren
2018-11-22update pkgver to 20181120, depends+=python-aiohttp_socksLuis Aranguren
2018-08-02optdepends+=python-safetAndy Weidenbaum
2018-07-18update pkgver to 20180718Andy Weidenbaum
2018-06-12update pkgver to 20180612, relocate pyver to checkAndy Weidenbaum
2018-06-09update pkgver to 20180608Andy Weidenbaum
2018-01-25update pkgver to 20180125Andy Weidenbaum
2017-12-19use git --no-show-signature in pkgver()Andy Weidenbaum
2017-09-29update pkgver to 20170929, qt5Andy Weidenbaum
2017-09-23update pkgver to 20170923, license=MITAndy Weidenbaum
2017-09-13update pkgver to 20170913, rm python2 depsAndy Weidenbaum
2017-08-26update pkgver to 20170826, switch to py3Andy Weidenbaum
2017-03-09update pkgver to 20170309, s/crypto/pycryptodomexAndy Weidenbaum
2017-03-04update pkgver to 20170304, optdepends+=python2-cryptoAndy Weidenbaum
2017-02-25increment pkgrel to 2; s/slowaes/pyaesAndy Weidenbaum
2017-02-25update pkgver to 20170225, depends+=python2-pysocksAndy Weidenbaum
2016-10-19update pkgver to 20160812, optdepends-=python2-jsonrpclibAndy Weidenbaum
2016-03-19update pkgver to 20160319, fix electrum.install, return true if binaries not ...Andy Weidenbaum
2016-03-01update pkgver to 20160301, fixed upstreamAndy Weidenbaum
2016-02-04update pkgver to 20160204, app.fil fixed upstreamAndy Weidenbaum
2016-01-05update pkgver to 20160105, fix setup.pyAndy Weidenbaum
2015-12-20update pkgver to 20151214, py version fixed upstreamAndy Weidenbaum
2015-11-30update pkgver to 20151130, depends+=python2-jsonrpclib, fix app.filAndy Weidenbaum
2015-11-12update pkgver to 20151112Andy Weidenbaum
2015-10-01update pkgver to 20151001Andy Weidenbaum
2015-08-25update pkgver to 20150825, optdepends+=python2-keepkeyAndy Weidenbaum
2015-08-17update pkgver to 20150817Andy Weidenbaum
2015-08-04update pkgver to 20150804, depends -= python2-tlsliteAndy Weidenbaum
2015-07-31update pkgver to 20150731, rm python2-crypto from dependsAndy Weidenbaum
2015-07-26update pkgver to 20150726, depends+=python2-cryptoAndy Weidenbaum
2015-06-09Initial importAndy Weidenbaum