AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-21Update to version 4.0.1Maximilian Weiss
2023-05-13rel bump for python 3.11 move-overMaximilian Weiss
2022-06-23Update to v 4.0.0b1Maximilian Weiss
2022-02-08Update to v4.0.0b0Maximilian Weiss
2021-12-17Rel bump to force rebuild for python 3.10Maximilian Weiss
2020-12-07Rel bump to rebuild package python 3.9 upgradeMaximilian Weiss
2020-08-19Update to version nc3.3.11Maximilian Weiss
2020-07-17Initial commit for 3.3.10Maximilian Weiss