AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-04remove unused gc dependencyDaniel K
2023-12-03enable curl,sixel,gemini, use libidn2Daniel K
2023-05-15add comment for parallel build problemDaniel K
2023-05-15disable make parallelismDaniel K
2022-04-21change from 0.14 to master branchDaniel K
2022-04-21add git to makedependsDaniel K
2021-06-07add arm architecturesDaniel K
2021-06-07switch to branch elinks-0.14Daniel K
2021-03-08remove unused strlen patch fileDaniel K
2021-03-08change to repository like [community] elinks packageDaniel K
2021-03-08ignore all package filesDaniel K
2017-10-07pull from repositoryDaniel K
2017-08-10remove unused js185 dependencyDaniel K
2017-01-18Initial importDaniel K