AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-02Updated to 8.4a.kudelin
2016-05-15Patch added to use vtk lib in non-standard directorySaxonbeta
2016-04-09Update to 8.2Saxonbeta
2015-11-09updated to version 8.1saxonbeta
2015-10-28VTK changed to VTK-QT4saxonbeta
2015-09-29Rebuild needed due to updated librariessaxonbeta
2015-09-04Added paraview support using paraview-salome from AUR. Fixes and cleanupsaxonbeta
2015-08-21Fix some typos introduced in the last updatesaxonbeta
2015-08-20Add aditional edf files to the proper locationsaxonbeta
2015-08-18Updated dependenciessaxonbeta
2015-08-18Initial Importsaxonbeta