AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-02bump versioneatmyvenom
2021-02-07bump versioneatmyvenom
2021-01-01Fix make depends and update to version 246.9.1venom
2020-05-04Remove non-existing optionalNathan Owens
2020-05-04Update to 243.7Nathan Owens
2017-06-05update to 229.4Chris Cromer
2017-05-07update to 227.4Chris Cromer
2017-03-20merged with manjaro upstreamChris Cromer
2016-11-14updated to 219.14Chris Cromer
2016-10-29updated message to say this is for non systemd systemsChris Cromer
2016-05-19initial commitChris Cromer