AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-19update to 3.0.0hamki
2019-11-06Update.SRCINFOEsben Haabendal
2019-11-04Workaround to allow use with emacs-noxEsben Haabendal
2019-11-02Make sure ghub package is installedEsben Haabendal
2019-11-01The magit-popup package is still neededEsben Haabendal
2019-10-30Update to 2.90.1Esben Haabendal
2019-01-14Fix problem with path treepy alsoEsben Haabendal
2019-01-14Try to fix problem reported with graphqlEsben Haabendal
2019-01-14Bump pkgrelEsben Haabendal
2019-01-14Workaround for problem with emacs-noxEsben Haabendal
2019-01-14Add git to makedependsEsben Haabendal
2019-01-11Update to 2.13.1Esben Haabendal
2018-06-07Update to 2.13.0Esben Haabendal
2017-12-16Drop legacy dependency on edEsben Haabendal
2017-12-16Add dependency/conflicts for emacs-magit-popupEsben Haabendal
2017-12-15Initial commitEsben Haabendal