AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-15Fix pkgver() for Emacs 27.1 versionsMarvin Schlegel
2020-02-16disable link-time optimizationMarvin Schlegel
2020-02-16initial commit based on `emacs-git`Marvin Schlegel
2020-01-02You want to update to at least this revision. A. López-Valencia
2019-12-2428.0.50.139832Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-12-2127.0.50.139793-2Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-12-2127.0.50.139793Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-11-29Fixing a glaring error about variable string matching. You learnPedro A. López-Valencia
2019-11-29add option to disable zstd bundle compression. For the whiners.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-11-2227.0.50.139564-1Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-11-07r139370Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-10-23Fix gcc vs clang lfo flagsPedro A. López-Valencia
2019-10-22Don't assume people use parallel make. Drop -flto=jobserverPedro A. López-Valencia
2019-09-12Disable checks for now. People get scared with failures.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-09-0127.0.50.138295Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-08-13Fixing Bug#37006 makes this update worth it.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-08-08master supports imagemagick 7 now.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-07-28More fixups.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-07-28Drop emacs-26 branching. Not worth it.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-07-28Enable cairo support.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-07-25Integrate libotf and harfbuzz in default build. (Hey! I use them now).Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-07-25Small esthetic changes.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-07-25More emacs 26 drop cleanup.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-07-25Clean up lto configuration.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-07-25Drop support for emacs 26 maintenance branch.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-01-30Add the proper conflicts/replaces/provides to boot emacs-seq out asAlejandro López-Valencia
2018-11-01small semantic fixAlejandro López-Valencia
2018-10-0527.0.50.134300Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-08-1527.0.50.133972-1Pedro A. López-Valencia
2018-06-23Fix another typo that neutered emacs26 compilation.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2018-06-14Sigh...Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-06-14Even more typos fixedAlejandro López-Valencia
2018-06-13Even more typo fixing.Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-06-11More typos fixed.Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-06-11Fix Lucid depends array.Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-05-1527.0.50.133067Pedro A. López-Valencia
2018-02-1127.0.50.132088Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-01-28Upstream fixed the installation of the systemd user service. Drop hack.Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-01-25It was Meltdown and Spectre's fault, your Honor; I swear.Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-01-24Why, oh what couldn't I fix the xml2 silliness at first try?Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-01-24Nothing like finding a presbitic typo.Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-01-2327.0.50.131882Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-01-2327.0.50.131754Alejandro López-Valencia
2018-01-1027.0.50.131736Alejandro López-Valencia
2017-12-27 emacs-git López-Valencia
2017-12-08emacs-git López-Valencia
2017-10-13Add option to track master or a different branch if desired.Alejandro López-Valencia
2017-07-30emacs-git- A. López-Valencia
2017-06-30emacs-git A. López-Valencia
2017-05-24 * Start modification of PKGBUILD to add new features. More to comePedro A. López-Valencia