AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-27Minor tweakspancho horrillo
2022-04-03Bump to 28.1 \o/pancho horrillo
2022-03-22Bump to 28.0.92pancho horrillo
2022-02-16Drop all build logicpancho horrillo
2022-01-12Drop pulling sources from Github and use Savannahpancho horrillo
2022-01-11Enable alsa support by defaultpancho horrillo
2022-01-11Communicate with GitHub over httpspancho horrillo
2021-12-13Drop package name from provides arraypancho horrillo
2021-12-12Adjust style to my preferencespancho horrillo
2021-12-12Revert "Adjust style to my preferences"pancho horrillo
2021-12-12Adjust style to my preferencespancho horrillo
2021-12-12Make optional gpm and ALSApancho horrillo
2021-12-12Add libxpm as a dependency to all graphical buildspancho horrillo
2021-12-12Tweak vim modelinepancho horrillo
2021-12-12Drop fontconfig when choosing no graphical toolkitpancho horrillo
2021-12-12Drop libotf and m17n-libpancho horrillo
2021-12-12Drop ImageMagick supportpancho horrillo
2021-12-03Bump to 28.0.90pancho horrillo
2021-11-30Drop spurious trailing whitespacepancho horrillo
2021-11-30Drop GTK+2 configuarationpancho horrillo
2021-11-30Adjust LTO settings to match upstreampancho horrillo
2021-11-30Drop the -j $(nproc) moniker from makepancho horrillo
2021-10-06Fix install file callpancho horrillo
2021-10-03Bump pkgverpancho horrillo
2021-10-03Update pkgdescpancho horrillo
2021-10-03Fix ref to sourcepancho horrillo
2021-10-01Track emacs-28 release branchpancho horrillo
2021-06-05* Change behavior of changing directory ownership during packagingPedro A. López-Valencia
2021-04-25* feature/native-comp merged into master.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2021-04-12* Missed the need for a nested if. As it is with all JIT, all credit go to Mu...Pedro A. López-Valencia
2021-04-11* Fix libgccjit dependency generation for cli compiles. Hopefully this is the...Pedro A. López-Valencia
2021-04-11* Add libgccjit dependency.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2021-04-09* Add support for native compiler, a.k.a. JIT (libgccjit).Pedro A. López-Valencia
2021-03-2128.0.50.145974-2Pedro A. López-Valencia
2021-03-2128.0.50.145997Pedro A. López-Valencia
2021-03-1928.0.50.145974-1Pedro A. López-Valencia
2021-01-02Enable LTO again, thanks to Hi-Angel.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2021-01-02Fix LTO conditional, thanks to Hi-Angel.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2020-05-30Add warning about using lto with clang.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2020-05-1428.0.50.141169 Fix NOCAIRO build.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2020-05-0728.0.50.141102. Make m17n-lib a hard dependency.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2020-01-02You want to update to at least this revision. A. López-Valencia
2019-12-2428.0.50.139832Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-12-2127.0.50.139793-2Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-12-2127.0.50.139793Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-11-29Fixing a glaring error about variable string matching. You learnPedro A. López-Valencia
2019-11-29add option to disable zstd bundle compression. For the whiners.Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-11-2227.0.50.139564-1Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-11-07r139370Pedro A. López-Valencia
2019-10-23Fix gcc vs clang lfo flagsPedro A. López-Valencia