AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-27makedepend on gitYardena Cohen
2015-10-31[eml2mbox-git] conflicts with eml2mboxyar
2015-10-31just depend on ruby, that version is so oldyar
2015-10-31ignore built packageyar
2015-10-31convert to gityar
2015-10-31ignore source & logsyar
2015-06-15fix hashyar
2015-06-15keep bumping version for nowyardenac
2015-06-15just skip the date field on ALL errorsyardenac
2015-06-15protect against really weird datesyardenac
2015-06-15use RAW github link!yardenac
2015-06-15depend on ruby 2+yardenac
2015-06-15recognize more file extensionsyardenac
2015-06-15use DateTime instead of obsolete ParseDateyardenac
2015-06-15package for Archyardenac