AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-15Update to 1.6Mark Blakeney
2021-05-10Update to 1.5Mark Blakeney
2020-04-27Remove superceded MakefileMark Blakeney
2018-03-02Update to 1.4Mark Blakeney
2018-01-03mksrcinfo has been replaced by switch on makepkgMark Blakeney
2017-11-16Update to 1.3Mark Blakeney
2017-11-06Update to 1.2.1Mark Blakeney
2017-10-01Make downloaded source file globally unique nameMark Blakeney
2017-08-08Update to 1.2Mark Blakeney
2017-05-25Improve Makefile checkMark Blakeney
2016-12-13Update .gitignore and go back to md5sumsMark Blakeney
2016-12-03Update from md5 to sha256 checksumsMark Blakeney
2016-11-06Use generic MakefileMark Blakeney
2016-10-10Update to 1.1Mark Blakeney
2016-09-08Use tarball download rather than gitMark Blakeney
2016-08-21Initial version 1.0Mark Blakeney