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39 hoursupdate .SRCINFOtadly
39 hoursupdate to 5.6.9tadly
2018-04-24update to 5.6.8tadly
2018-04-24put quotes everywheretadly
2018-04-24drop i686 supporttadly
2018-01-08update to 5.6.5tadly
2017-09-14update to 5.6.0tadly
2017-06-14update to 5.5.3tadly
2017-04-24update to 5.5.3tadly
2017-03-22update to 5.5.2tadly
2017-03-14added conflicts and providestadly
2017-01-04update to 5.4.1Tadly
2016-12-21update to
2016-08-02update to 5.3.0Tadly
2016-05-09update to
2016-05-04fixed wrong pkgverTadly
2016-05-03update to 5.2.1Tadly
2016-05-03disable strip to fix browser extensionTadly
2016-04-29update to 5.2.0Tadly
2016-03-04update to 5.0.5Tadly
2016-02-26update to
2016-02-24updated to 5.0.4 and removed libappindicator-gtk2 dependencyTadly
2015-10-30added gtk-update-icon-cache as for some users the system tray icon didn't sho...Tadly
2015-10-29new dependency to fix browser extensionTadly
2015-10-28added new dependency libappindicator-gtk2Tadly
2015-10-28update to 5.0.2Tadly
2015-10-28using 4 spaces instead of tabsTadly
2015-10-01simplified findTadly
2015-07-16Initial importTadly