AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysupdateto 0.6.12Simon Cruanes
2021-06-07fix packageSimon Cruanes
2021-05-27update to .6.10Simon Cruanes
2021-02-18update to 0.6.7Simon Cruanes
2020-06-28update to 0.6.6Simon Cruanes
2020-05-21update to 0.6.4Simon Cruanes
2020-03-20release 0.6.2Simon Cruanes
2020-01-14release 0.6.0Simon Cruanes
2019-09-29fix srcinfoSimon Cruanes
2019-08-23update srcinfoSimon Cruanes
2019-06-17update to 0.5.8Simon Cruanes
2019-05-26fix some details of the packageSimon Cruanes
2019-03-24fix stupid error in the wrapper scriptSimon Cruanes
2019-03-24add esy 0.5.6, an ocaml package managerSimon Cruanes