AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-29bump to version 3.5.13andrewSC
2024-02-17Updating build flagsandrewSC
2024-01-31etcd: Bump to 3.5.12andrewSC
2023-12-07Upgrade package to 3.5.11andrewSC
2023-11-28etcd: Updating to 3.5.10andrewSC
2023-05-11Upgrading to 3.5.9andrewSC
2023-05-03...including updated .SRCINFOandrewSC
2023-05-03Updating to 3.5.8andrewSC
2023-01-06upgrading patch version and switching to b2sumsandrewSC
2022-10-18Updating to 3.5.5andrewSC
2022-06-14bump to 3.5.4andrewSC
2022-02-03Disabling LTO, bumping versionandrewSC
2021-12-10Updating to 3.5.1andrewSC
2021-06-30Updating etcd to 3.5.0andrewSC
2021-06-08incuding updated .SRCINFOandrewSC
2021-06-08updating to 3.4.16andrewSC
2021-03-21version bump to 3.4.15andrewSC
2021-02-07adding updated .SRCINFO for 3.4.14andrewSC
2021-02-07bumping to 3.4.14andrewSC
2020-10-07Updating to 3.4.13andrewSC
2020-05-31Realigning pkgbuild to latest Go packaging guidelines, version bumpandrewSC
2020-04-13updating to 3.4.7andrewSC
2020-03-30updating to 3.4.6andrewSC
2020-03-19bumping ver. to 3.4.5andrewSC
2020-03-12bumping version, opt-in to vendoring, stripping build pathsandrewSC
2019-10-23etcd: Updating to 3.4.3Andrew Crerar
2019-10-11etcd: Updating to 3.4.2Andrew Crerar
2019-10-03etcd: Updating to 3.4.1Andrew Crerar
2019-09-05etcd: Version bump to 3.4.0Andrew Crerar
2019-05-21etcd: Updating to 3.3.13Andrew Crerar
2019-02-07etcd: Updating to 3.3.12Andrew Crerar
2019-01-22Modifying source since upstream no longer provides signed source tarballsAndrew Crerar
2018-10-21adding .srcinfoAndrew Crerar
2018-10-21etcd: Updating to 3.3.10Andrew Crerar
2018-07-26etcd: Updating to 3.3.9Andrew Crerar
2018-06-18etcd: Updating to 3.3.8Andrew Crerar
2018-06-07etcd: Updating to 3.3.7Andrew Crerar
2018-05-31etcd: Updating to 3.3.6Andrew Crerar
2018-05-09etcd: Updating to 3.3.5Andrew Crerar
2018-04-25etcd: Updating to 3.3.4Andrew Crerar
2018-03-29etcd: Updating to v.3.3.3Andrew Crerar
2018-03-26etcd: Updating to 3.3.2Andrew Crerar
2018-02-12etcd: Updating to version 3.3.1Andrew Crerar
2018-02-01PKGBUILD: Updating to v3.3.0Andrew Crerar
2018-01-23Updating etcd to 3.2.15Andrew Crerar
2018-01-12Update .SRCINFOAndrew Crerar
2018-01-12Updating etcd version to 3.2.14Andrew Crerar
2018-01-04Updating etcd to 3.2.13Andrew Crerar
2017-12-20Bumping version to 3.2.12 with sha512sumsAndrew Crerar
2017-12-09Bumping to v3.2.11, quoting variables, updating maintainerAndrew Crerar