AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-13update .SRCINFOJC Francois
2019-04-13Update to version 1.0JC Francois
2018-09-29Upstream quick fix exception at first runjeancf
2018-09-27Quick fix upstream version 0.91JC Francois
2018-09-26version 0.9 releasedJC Francois
2018-09-14Updated to V0.8JC Francois
2018-09-03update to version 0.7JC Francois
2018-08-24Update to v0.6 (bug fix)JC Francois
2018-05-21Added config file to backup=()JC Francois
2018-05-18Update to v0.5JC Francois
2018-02-03added armv6h architectureJC Francois
2018-01-21Initial releaseJC Francois