AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-27Don’t delete empty directories...Mike Swanson
2021-03-16Update to 4.02.00Mike Swanson
2020-11-10Update to 4.01.00Mike Swanson
2019-09-18Include a fix for recent SDL versionsMike Swanson
2018-03-17Update to 4.00.00Mike Swanson
2017-08-04Update to 3.42.03.aMike Swanson
2017-08-02Update to 3.42.03Mike Swanson
2017-05-13Update to 3.42.02Mike Swanson
2016-09-28Backport the patch to load Freedoom in Eternity correctlyMike Swanson
2016-07-16Clean up PKGBUILD standards and stop using CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE.Mike Swanson
2015-06-09Clean up some of the lines: used $srcdir instead of $startdirMike Swanson
2014-02-10Remove *.install files for eternity-engineMike Swanson
2014-01-19Update eternity-engine to 3.40.46Mike Swanson
2013-07-21Fix Eternity Engine again.Mike Swanson
2013-07-21Fix Eternity's build. What was I thinking?Mike Swanson
2013-07-21Add Eternity EngineMike Swanson