AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-09PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.8.0. Updating jquery version to 1.12.4.David Runge
2019-10-03PKGBUILD: Adding {APIKEY,SESSIONKEY}.txt to backup array. Creating empty {API...David Runge
2019-02-10PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.7.5. Removing superfluous customization file ownersh...David Runge
2018-08-20PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.7.0.David Runge
2018-05-17PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.6.6.David Runge
2018-04-12PKGBUILD: Adding updated checksum for service file.David Runge
2018-04-11PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.6.5. Making install more verbose.David Runge
2018-02-03PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 1.6.3. Moving APIKEY.txt and SESSIONKEY.txt to /etc/et...David Runge
2018-01-29PKGBUILD: Removing gnuplot from depends. Setting all install, copy, move and ...David Runge
2017-12-22PKGBUILD: Fixing the symlinking of customization directory.David Runge
2017-12-22PKGBUILD: Updating to 1.6.2. Switching to static install by using systemd-sys...David Runge
2016-12-24update to 1.6.1RubenKelevra
2016-12-19add guards for not compatible update of dependencysRubenKelevra
2016-12-19add guards for not compatible update of dependencysRubenKelevra
2016-12-19push new subreleseRubenKelevra
2016-12-19revert to not-updated npmsRubenKelevra
2016-12-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2016-12-01update npm libsRubenKelevra
2016-12-01update npm libsRubenKelevra
2016-06-22fix epochRubenKelevra
2016-06-07update to 1.6.0RubenKelevra
2016-02-17update nodejs-version checkRubenKelevra
2015-10-23add fix for nodejs v4.xRubenKelevra
2015-08-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://
2015-08-30upgrade to 1:1.5.7RubenKelevra
2015-08-30upgrade to 1:1.5.7RubenKelevra
2015-08-15Downgrade to 1.5.2RubenKelevra
2015-08-14Update to version 1.5.7-1RubenKelevra
2015-08-14Bump to version 1.5.7RubenKelevra
2015-08-02Initial importschimicata